Mr. Franciss Chin Tse Piau - ChFC (USA), RFP
Independent Mortgage Consultant

             1) Founder and CEO of MRP Advisory Services
             2) Author of 2 Books
             3) Professional Speaker for REDHA,NSTP-MYRUMAH,PIP-PENANG
             4) Mortgage Consultant To Property Developers
             5) Vice President of Malaysian Financial Planners & Advisors Association (MFPAA)
             6) Financial Planning Lecturer
             7) Corporate Trainer
             8) Treasurer of Koperasi FICCOP(Financial Consulting Cooperative Limited)


                Chartered Financial Consultant - ChFC (USA)
                Registered Financial Planner - (RFP)


                36 years of experience in Marketing of Retail Financial Services.
                25 years of experience in Business Development.
                Formerly a Bank Officer, Auditor and Freelance RFP Lecturer

               His Strengths and Expertise are:
                a) Consulting & selling , recruitment skills, training, coaching, motivation & supervision
                b) Mortgage Cost Benefits Analysis and Total Financial Planning

               Contributing articles relating to Mortgage in:
                a) Personal Money
                b) Own A House Magazines
                c) Potensi
                d) Money Compass
                e) MFPC Financial 1st
                f) New Straits Times Press(NSTP),Berita Harian(BH),Harian Metro(HM)